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Marc Ways works in mysterious ways,

Marc Ways, images creator, transformer, listener, catcher, inventor of Worlds and oneiricophile.

He’s also a “scalpelisator”. He doesn’t anaesthetise his characters, he cuts and slices in the flesh for his deepest delight. He keeps on studying hypothetical medical science...


I work by association of ideas. I let my instinct wander and first images are connected together or dissembled; often despite myself.


I atomise 19th century vignettes, backgrounds are deleted and I only keep the persons who are systematically placed out of their original context and couples are created, often unlikely encounters happen...

I walk through the looking glass and my characters follow me on the Other Side... What’s happening ? That’s a mystery!!! I don’t control from A to Z... I let things happen, most of the time.

And later I perceive the actual effect of the image. Often it hits the bull’s eye... The choice of the texts and of the press clippings is often made at random, but it’s on purpose.


It’s from my INCOHERENCE that my coherence arises... It’s a totally unsorted mess which creates this organisation.

I could compare my approach to the one of the Surrealists and to the famous “Cadavre exquis”... A succession of images which seems to not be related at all when you see them for the first time... To say the truth, I don’t know how these images are created... It’s a little bit like if I was in an altered state of mind, like a double personality. As years went by, thanks to my researches I’ve become aware that 19th century press illustrators can transmit to us so many pieces of information on this period, but also and above all on the contemporary world.

Were they Visionaries? A drawing can be more eloquent and more violent than words.


It’s impossible to name them all. I just think about a few friends who accompany me every day: Bertall, Cham, Darjou, Daumier, Gustave Doré, Draner, Émy,  Eustache, Forest, Gavarni, Geoffroy, André Gill, Girin, J.-J. Grandville, Grévin, Hadol, Henriot, Lafosse, Eugène Lami, Lefils, Alfred Le Petit, Lorentz, Marcellin, Maurisset, Moloch, Nadar, Plattier, Randon, Riou, Robida, Stop, Vernier and all the others…


At the dawn of the 21st century in a world where politically correctness and one-track thinking are rules, where reason is only used to destroy fantasy, it is time at last to unearth the IMAGE and to at last consider it as a breath of fresh air. Let’s ventilate our neurons. Visible images are the reflection of Another World which remains invisible to our eyes if we don’t try hard to see it.

Let’s have fun, let’s become “politically incorrect”.

To provoke... To disturb... To not think in a conformist way...


You’re entering in a world of Freedom, in my FREEDOM...

My “disorder” is a reply to an apparent order.

“Your deconstruction-reconstruction, desassembly-juxtaposition, dispersion-superposition is a form of graphic anagram research, a work which is close to the one made by the brain to constraint memory to its geometry.”



“The water diviner of lost images”

Marc Ways pastes like you breathe, as a necessity, as a need; an urgent need to say, to question, to show, to inform, to shout out.

His collages are like unconscious jigsaw puzzles which are presented to us thank to his talent and when you look at them you discover the human being, the world in a striking, bashing journalistic style.


With vignettes taken from 19th century newspapers such as: LeJournal pour Rire, Le Rire, L¹Assiette au Beurre, thank to his knowledge about the greatest illustrators such as Bertall, Cham, Doré, Grandville, Jossot, Lautrec, Marcelin, Nadar, and so many forgotten ones and to the way he « scalpelises » image, Marc Ways offers the quintessence of the message, he speaks about yesteryears, about now.

If first this reading disconcerts, it’s because his work as a collagist cannot be compared to any other, it’s a way to define history, it does not make present spin around past, but past spin around present.

Present is understood in a different way in the light of his surrealist approach. When they are assembled together, vignettes and images show us the politically incorrectness of the author and his way to “rebuke” with irony the incoherence of institutions and the stupidity of human beings.

His works takes their strength in this joyful but terrible questioning which has a meaning for everyone because Marc Ways speaks about the Universal.


Catherine Jauffret


“Your deconstruction-reconstruction, desassembly-juxtaposition, dispersion-superposition is a form of graphic anagram research, a work which is close to the one made by the brain to constraint memory to its geometry.”


Vincent Marie Spitz

le sourcier

des images perdues

the water diviner
of lost images

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